This treatment is very versatile, since it can be used in various ways, depending on the needs of each hair. It is a series of steps that can be combined to achieve the most optimal results. The first two steps are called Olaplex Bond Multiplier Nº 1 and Olaplex Bond Perfector Nº 2.

Step 1, called “bond multiplier”, is used in all treatments with the aim of reducing chemical damage; ie dyes or chemical straightening. While step 2, “bond perfector”, helps to refinish the hair fiber with a protective and restorative layer, it is the one that puts the finishing touches on the hair bonds that could not be reconnected in the previous step.

The treatment is sold as a kit and is available in 3 sizes. The good news is that they have been expanding their catalogue, integrating shampoos, conditioners and other repairing products, which will achieve an absolute change in the appearance of your hair. They also offer thermo protectors that protect your hair from the heat!